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Thanks to all visitors and supporters for a month
that has greatly exceeded our expectations.

An entire
museum dedicated
to Photography



Nadim Asfar, The Mountain
thing, aura, metadata. A poem on making.
Maria Sturn
Book and Magazine Fair
PWA 2018 - Image: Kensaku Seki
Kassel Dummy Award Showcase, by Fotobookfestival
Olga Kocsi


Symposium — Photography and the Museum: Contradictory Histories and Contemporary Perspectives.
Triple T&G Photobook Launch: Steven Nestor, Colin Abbott, Brad Rimmer
Nadim Asfar, The Mountain
Blow Photo Fuse. Image: Roisin White, Lay Her Down Upon Her Back
Process Wing

10am-4:30pm Friday 5 July

Symposium — Photography and the Museum

Main Gallery

6pm Friday 5 July

Artist Talk: Nadim Asfar Artist Talk

Process Wing

11am Saturday 13 July

Blow Photo Fuse

Performing the Posthuman Subject in Photography
Process Wing

1-2:30pm Saturday 13 July

Performing the Posthuman Subject in Photography

Process Wing

2-5pm Sunday 14 July

How to be an Ethically Literate Photographer

Process Wing

1-3pm Tuesday 16 July

Wikimedia Edit-a-thon

Process Wing

11am-1pm Saturday 20 July

Practice and Parenthood

Process Wing

2-5pm Saturday-Sunday 20-21 July

Workshop: The Stairlings Collective

Process Wing

6pm Thursday 25 July

Anita Groener and Owen Boss in Conversation

Process Wing

1-2pm Sunday 28 July

OVER Journal Presentation