Grand Opening
4th July 2019

At The Printworks, Dublin Castle.

An entire
museum dedicated
to Photography

For the full month of July, come and celebrate with us a unique programme showcasing works of local and international contemporary artists working with photography, right in the city centre at The Printworks, Dublin Castle.

Beginning on 4th July and running until 28th July, this pop-up space we called the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland will be launched as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2019 10th anniversary festivities.

An incredible 2000m² space awaits you, hosting an amazing line-up; and despite its temporary presence, a myriad of events as well as a rich educational programme will take place during this time.

The museum will open with four exhibitions: French-Lebanese photographer and filmmaker Nadim Asfar, presented by Independent Dutch curator Hester Keijser; New Irish Works, with the latest projects by Aisling McCoy, Cian Burke, Dorje de Burgh, George Voronov, Jamin Keogh, Phelim Hoey, Robert Ellis, Róisín White, Sarah Flynn, and Zoe Hamill; co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme, the Parallel Platform will feature works by Cihad Caner, Dries Lips, Róisín White, and Jessica Wolfelsperger, curated by Seda Yildiz; the Tokyo International Photography Competition will showcase its 2019 finalists.

The educational programme commences with the symposium ‘Photography and the Museum: Contradictory Histories and Contemporary Perspectives’. Organised in collaboration with the research group Photography/Archives/Ireland, the symposium will host a day of conversations with Photo-Historian Eléonore Challine, Alison Nordström (Senior Curator of Photographs at George Eastman House, 2004-2013), and Marco De Mutiis, currently digital curator for the Fotomuseum Winterthur.

Visitors can expect other events such as guided tours, artists and curatorial talks, and more, like artist led workshops such as ‘Magic Insta Material’, a workshop on Selfies and Portraits for teens, with Berlin based artist Anna Ehrenstein.

Opening a pop-up bookshop for the month, The Library Project will bring to the museum selected publications on visual culture and critical thinking, with Art books, photobooks, magazines, and fanzines, from local and international publishers.

The Book & Magazine Fair returns to the PhotoIreland Festival programme, first presented in 2011, bringing you the latest photobooks from a large selection of artists and publishers. Part of the PhotoIreland Foundation Collection, composed of over 2000 publications, goes on display with highlights from its funds, alongside books from the Fotobook Festival Kassel and the Photobook Week Aarhus awards.

The space will present itself as an established museum, although without a collection per se, presenting, aside from the main exhibitions, photographic works from various public collections instead as its own, highlighting the fact that many outstanding photographic artworks are currently kept in storage in several public holdings in Ireland, such as the Arts Council, OPW, IMMA, and others. After all, these are indeed the property of all Irish citizens.

Adding to these, visitors will enjoy exciting items from private collectors based on the island, underlining their important role in supporting the practice of this discipline today and preserving it for the future.

The museum has been conceived as a welcoming space where to enjoy an engagement with the Arts, and where to discover the practice of emerging artists working around Photography. It also invites everyone into an open discussion around the need for a Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland.

Developed by the PhotoIreland Foundation, the event is kindly supported by The Office of Public Works, the Arts Council of Ireland, the Dublin City Council Arts Office and Events Section, the Embassy of France in Dublin, the Alliance Française, Hang Tough framing, and Inspirational Arts.

The Parallel Platform exhibition is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union in collaboration with our European partners,, Robert Capa Contemporary Center, Le Château d’Eau, Fondazione Fotografia Modena, Centro Artes José de Guimarães – A Oficina, Format International Photography Festival – Derby Quad, FotoFestiwal – Foundation of Visual Education, Galleri Image, ISSP, Katalog – Journal of Photography & Video, Landskrona Foto, Kaunas Photography Gallery, UGM – Maribor Art Gallery, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Organ Vida, and YET Magazine.

Towards a Museum for Visual Culture & Critical Thinking

In Autumn 2017, PhotoIreland Foundation started specific research around Photography in Ireland, a project part of the Critical Academy. The aim of the research is to publicly define, evaluate, and reflect on the current situation of the practice and all the elements that affect it, sharing results and recommendations along the way, and proposing benchmarked improvements.

The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland is part of that practice based research, specifically aiming to create the ideal prototype space to actively engage with Visual Culture and Critical Thinking today.

This first iteration of the Museum project will launch on Thursday 4th July at The Printworks in Dublin Castle, as a temporary event for the month of July, with the kind support of The Office of Public Works (OPW). However, over the next years, the museum will present an evolving model appearing in a variety of locations, openly investigating experimental and critical propositions in aspects relating to museology, curation, cultural policy and Arts management.

The research sets an important departure towards a new arena where Art and cultural practices and their socio-political context can be both enjoyed and examined in a richly participatory way, with the use of contemporary methodologies.

Entry details

General Public
Museum Pass for all shows €5.
Each pass grants the visitor two entries, any time between 5-28 July 2019.

Under 16s
Under 16s go free. All children must be accompanied by parents or guardians at all times.

Special Entry

PhotoIreland Foundation is creating radical progress for Photography in Ireland with the backing of many patrons that share our vision. To thank their continuous support, all current PhotoIreland Foundation Patrons enjoy free entry, and receive a special VIP Pass.

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Opening Hours

From 4 to 28 July 2019
Mon-Sun 10am-5pm
Extended Hours on the launch weekend: 4-6 July

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The Museum will launch on Thursday 4th July, with the following exhibitions:

  • New Irish Works, presenting the latest projects by 10 Irish photographers.
  • An exhibition of artists from the Parallel Photography Platform, curated by Seda Yildiz.
  • An exhibition with works by French-Lebanese photographer and filmmaker Nadim Asfar, by Independent Dutch curator Hester Keijser.
  • Showcase of the Tokyo International Photography Competition 2019.
  • Photobook Fair, including the annual shortlist from the Kassel Photobook Award, and the finalists of the first Photobook Week Aarhus Award 2018.


New Irish Works
The third edition of PhotoIreland Foundation’s project New Irish Works, highlights projects by 10 Irish and Ireland based artists, selected by an International jury. The artists are:

  • Aisling McCoy, and live the space of a door
  • Cian Burke, Rectangular Universe
  • Dorje de Burgh, Dream the End
  • George Voronov, …And Also With You
  • Jamin Keogh, A Constant Parameter
  • Phelim Hoey, La Machine
  • Robert Ellis, Proverbs
  • Roisin White, Lay Her Down Upon Her Back
  • Sarah Flynn, Uinse
  • Zoe Hamill, A Map Without Words


Parallel Platform

Hamburg-based, Turkish curator Seda Yildiz is currently developing a show with selected artists from the Parallel EU Photography Platform, mentored by PhotoIreland Festival Director, Angel Luis Gonzalez.

New works by four international artists who experiment with various forms of production and display methods will be featured. Cihad Caner (TR) will examine distribution of images and visual representation of the “other” created by mainstream media. Dries Lips (BEL) will explore image production, playing with slippery ambiguity between the digital and analogue, technology and craftsmanship. Róisín White (IE) will investigate post-folklore through circulation of images. Jessica Wolfelsperger (CH) will revisit image consumption in digital environments and homogenisation of pictures on social media.

Hester Keijser
PhotoIreland Festival has invited Independent Dutch curator Hester Keijser to develop the main exhibition of the Museum, an exhibition with works by French-Lebanese photographer and filmmaker Nadim Asfar.

Tokyo International Photography Competition
With works by:
Lebohang Kganye, Reconstruction of a Family
Diambra Mariani, Don’t Think of an Elephant
Noritaka Minami, California City, California
Maria Sturm, “You Don’t Look Native to Me”
Rhulani Anthony Bila, Revelations from the Children of God
Jaako Kahilaniemi, 100 Hectares of Understanding
Bouyan Zhang, Jiang Nan: Changing Traditions in Western China
Seunggu Kim and his series Better Days is the Grand Prix winner
The works are part of a touring exhibition to be presented also in Tokyo, New York, Taipei, and Penang. 

Symposium –  Photography and the Museum: Contradictory Histories and Contemporary Perspectives
Organised in collaboration with the research group Photography/Archives/Ireland (DIT, NCAD, NMI) presenting a day with Photo-Historian Eléonore Challine, Alison Nordström (Senior Curator of Photographs at George Eastman House, 2004-2013), and Marco De Mutiis, currently digital curator for Fotomuseum Winterthur.

Thursday 4 July

6pm Opening of the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland at The Printworks, with the kind support of OPW; a temporary space for an on-going research project running in this first presentation from 4th to 28th July 2019.

The Museum will launch with three exhibition openings:
• Nadim AsfarThe Mountain, curated by Hester Keijser.
• New Irish Works, presenting works by Aisling McCoy, Cian Burke, Dorje de Burgh, George Voronov, Jamin Keogh, Phelim Hoey, Robert Ellis, Roisin White, Sarah Flynn, and Zoe Hamill.
• Parallel Photography Platform exhibition featuring works by Cihad Caner, Dries Lips, Roisin White, and Jessica Wolfelsperger, curated by Seda Yildiz.

Other events include:
• Tokyo International Photography Competition 2019.
• Book & Magazine Fair, first presented in 2011, with the latest releases by local and international publishers.
• Photobook Showcase, with selected items from the PhotoIreland Foundation CollectionKassel Photobook AwardPhotobook Week Aarhus Award, and more.

Friday 5 July

10-4pm Critical Academy Photography and the Museum: Contradictory Histories and Contemporary Perspectives, at the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland. Symposium organised by the research group Photography/Archives/Ireland in collaboration with PhotoIreland Foundation. Speakers include Photo-Historian Eleonore Challine, Independent Curator Alison Nordstrom, and Fotomuseum Winterthur digital curator Marco de Mutiis.

5-8pm Critical Academy Photobook Launch: Steven Nestor, Monte Cassino, Published by T&G. Followed up by the launch of the latest titles by T&G. Details to follow.

Saturday 6 July

Afternoon Critical Academy New Irish Works walking tour.
Afternoon Critical Academy Parallel Platform Events & Artists Talks.
Evening Nadim Asfar in conversation with Hester Keijser.

Thursday 11 July

6pm Monica Alcazar-DuarteThe New Colonists and Ascension at Instituto Cervantes de Dublin.

Saturday 20 July

Critical Academy Magic Insta Material A Workshop on Selfies and Portraits for teens with Anna Ehrenstein. Bookings opening soon.

Sunday 21 July

Critical Academy Magic Insta Material at Rathfarnham Castle A Workshop on Selfies and Portraits with Anna Ehrenstein. Bookings opening soon.