Think Tank – On Histories II


Running Fri 29 July

Think Tank: On Histories II

In the context of the 13th edition of PhotoIreland Festival, which proposes a conversation ‘On the History and Practice of Photography in Ireland’, a series of Think Tanks are being hosted to tease out the complexities of the History as much as of the discipline.

The event will comprise talks and workshop on contemporary Irish photography,  proposing to explore the key events, exhibitions and practices that have shaped contemporary Irish photography from the 1990s to the present.

The event aims to bring together photographers, academics, curators, and professionals from the creative and cultural sectors to discuss significant developments in Irish photography over the last 30 years. These include the identification and legacy of milestone events such as photographic exhibitions or publications; the role of institutions in shaping Irish photographic culture; the development of photographic education in Ireland; the impact of global photography/art movements on Irish photography; and the influence of Irish cultural politics on emerging photographic practices.

Including case studies of specific photographers and/or images, alongside broader thematic papers that may critically asses methods and methodologies of the historiography of photography in Ireland across the period of partition and its aftermath or take a comparative approach to the photography and its histories.

The format of presentations are open and more conversational, or roundtable style presentations are welcomed alongside more formal papers.

This workshop is convened by Justin Carville in collaboration with PhotoIreland, and participants will be announced soon.

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